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Edgi Custom Works SAP (Shock Absorbing Piston)

Edgi custom works variable mass piston. 





SAP - Shock Absorbing Piston

  - 95G Base weight

  - 155G maximum

  - 316L Stainless Steel

  - Polyurethane Cap Type Seal

  - Weights of 20G, 40G, 60G

  - 40% Softness Sylicone Damper

  - 3 x Airbrake Pins - 5, 15, 20mm

     Stainless Steel direct attached

  - Delrin protection ring

  - Aluminium Barrel Spacer for

    base weight

Spring Guide 

  - Stainless Steel with Bearing

  - W/ Rubber Pad 

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"The Boneyard"


This will contain various second hand & below QC parts from handles to stocks, hop chambers to barrels, all at a budget price. 

There will be no restock on the items, so once they’re gone they’re gone! New items will be uploaded when available, so keep your eyes peeled as this will be available in the forthcoming weeks.